EKG Technician

Course Information:

This course will provide you with an overview of basic cardiovascular terminology, anatomy and physiology.  Focuses on the proper placement of electrocardiogram (EKG) leads and maintenance of equipment to obtain an accurate 12-Lead EKG.  Learn to recognize cardiac arrhythmias.  Outlines responsibilities of ECG\EKG technicians and provides clinical laboratory opportunity to develop entry level skills.

Course Content:

Medical Terminology 10 Hrs
Anatomy and Physiology 10 Hrs
OSHA/Infection Control, Medical Ethics 10 Hrs
EKG: Introduction and Procedures 30 Hrs
EKG: Fundamentals of Interpretation 30 Hrs


Course Duration: 90 hours

Minimum Education: High School Diploma/GED

On a Successful completion of program you can appear for NHA Certification

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