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Description This program focuses on the concepts and application of the essential testing principles that are required to perform industry quality assurance practices. The purpose of the program is to provide the knowledge and skills and essentials of Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) in Software Development. Topics include […]

Software Quality Tester (Q.A)

Business Analyst program focuses on providing practical skills needed to successfully perform business analysis. Taught by experienced business analysis practitioners, the program takes step-by-step in learning how to identify business needs; elicit, analyze and validate business requirements; and recommend real solutions to enterprise problems. Upon completion of the program, student […]

Business Analyst (B.A – I.T)

Description This course curriculum is an introduction to the design, creation, and maintenance of web pages and websites. You will learn how to critically evaluate website quality; learn about web design standards and why they’re important. You will learn how to build and maintain professional quality visuals and information pages […]

Web Design Specialist

Computer Support Specialist
Through hands-on training, Computer Support Specialists will be able to help end users on the enterprise to administer, troubleshoot and deploy various versions of Windows O/S, understand and operate Mac OSX computers, iOS, Android and tablets. They will be able to install and remove computer hardware peripherals and software applications […]

Computer Support Specialist

General Education Development Program is 8 weeks program. The test includes study of subjects i.e Mathematics, Social Studies, History, Reading and Writing (English). The course duration may vary depending upon the the eligibility and the learning capacity of students.


LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH Classes taught by Experienced ESL instructors Classes are scheduled mornings or evenings, Monday through Thursday or weekends. A computer lab is available for independent study. These classes focus primarily on mastery of English through three different levels of communication skills. CALL NOW: (973) 648-8000  

E.S.L Training

Course Information: This course provides phlebotomy instruction to the student with a working knowledge of collecting blood while emphasizing on patient safety, quality assurance, universal and standard precautions. This course identifies the Phlebotomists role on the healthcare team and instructs in principles, procedures, and regulations involving legal and ethical relationships […]

Phlebotomy Technician

Home Health Aide
Course Information: This course will provide you with an overview of basic cardiovascular terminology, anatomy and physiology.  Focuses on the proper placement of electrocardiogram (EKG) leads and maintenance of equipment to obtain an accurate 12-Lead EKG.  Learn to recognize cardiac arrhythmias.  Outlines responsibilities of ECG\EKG technicians and provides clinical laboratory […]

EKG Technician

Course Information: The Pharmacy Technician program is to give the participants the knowledge of History of Pharmacy and Medicine, Role & Responsibilities of Pharmacy Technician, Ethics, Types of Pharmacy Practice, FDA regulation, HIPAA regulations, Pharmaceutical and Medical Terminology, Drug Administration and Dosage forms. EARN YOUR NATIONAL CERTIFICATION! Course Consists of […]

Pharmacy Technician

Patient Care Technician Course Information: Patient Care Technicians work in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities under the direct supervision of a registered nurse. These healthcare technicians perform clinical skills such as blood collection, EKGs, catheterizations, recording vital signs and patient treatments, and other tasks related to patient care. According […]

Patient Care Technician

Home Health Aide
Course Information: Home Health Aides (HHA) are in demand in the workforce due to the increasing need to provide care for patients in the home. This 76-hour course is approved by the NJ State Board of Nursing and follows an outlined curriculum set by this credentialing agency. The course provides […]

Certified Home Health Aide

Course Information: Upon successful completion of this course and upon successful completion of the state competency evaluation test, a student can become a Certified Nurse Assistant in the State of New Jersey. This program is designed to help students learn information, skills, and critical procedures necessary to improve the quality […]

Certified Nursing Assistant