Certified Nursing Assistant

Course Information:

Upon successful completion of this course and upon successful completion of the state competency evaluation test, a student can become a Certified Nurse Assistant in the State of New Jersey. This program is designed to help students learn information, skills, and critical procedures necessary to improve the quality of life of clients in long-term care facility and prepare them for the certification exam. This course is divided into two parts: 50 hours of classroom theory and 40 hours of clinical.

Time requirements are mandated by the state; therefore, 100% attendance is mandatory.  Students must have proof of a physical examination prior to admission.  Background check is required to get state license.

Valid Social Security Number and photo ID is required.

Core Modules:

  • Introduction to Nurse Aide responsibilities towards residents in Long Term Care Facilities
  • Psychosocial Needs of the resident
  • Physical Needs of the resident
  • Spiritual, Recreational Needs of the resident

In this Lesson, you will learn about the patient’s bill of rights and the role each member of the rehabilitation team plays in protecting those rights. You will also gain an understanding of the moral issues that apply to the daily practice of the PT aide. Finally, you will look at how effective and sensitive communication on the part of the physical therapy aide is essential to the job. Practical communication tips are included with the discussion.

Course Duration: 90 hours

Minimum Education: High School Diploma/GED/TABE

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